Benefits of Massage

There is no denying the power of massage! Studies of massage demonstrate that it can be benificial for many conditions. Below are just a few of the benifits of massage. 


Athletic people will receive many benefits from massage. There is even a specific massage designed for them. Sports massage and deep tissue, although not as relaxing as your traditional massage, will allow muscles to be stimulated and stretched. These styles of massage are deeper and more fast paced, clearing out old blood and braking down build up. Massage for athletes will help your bodies with circulation and reducing the stress your muscles go through.

Sitting Jobs (Desk and office workers)

Desk and office workers often sit compromised positios and suffer from typing strain. Massage will allow your body to heal and help prevent the tendons in the wrists and arms from getting congested and sore. Massage can loosen the hips from being in the flexed position all day, which will also help relieve the lower back pain.

Tension & Sinus Headaches

Tension and sinus headaches are two of the major types of headaches one will get. To help alleviate the pain, I will focus on stripping the muscles of the neck, which will help reduce stiffness. Massage using circular motions on the scalp will bring fresh blood.

Sinus headaches are a build up of pressure in the sinus cavities. Helping to reduce some of the pressure trigger points on the face, neck, and scalp will be the focus in this massage.

The Standing Jobs (Nurses, Servers, Bartenders, Teachers, etc.) 

Massage can be very beneficial for those who spend the day on their feet. Effleurage is a rithmatic massage stroke that can help ease the soreness that builds up in the calves and feet. Come in and give those backs and feet a break and allow the relaxation to release the strain your body endures from working long days.

Lotus Massage

Immerse yourself in a complete serene experience unlike no other. This style of massage is designed to disconnect you from the rest of the world and surround you with peaceful music. Removing all outside distractions with sound muffling headphones, and covering your eyes to shut out any distracting light, this massage allows you to truly disconnect. Lotus massage is a rhythmic style massage, moving with the sounds and beats of the instruments

Foot Pain

If you suffer from plantar factitious or sore feet, massage can be helpful. Massage on the achilles tendons all the way up the arch of the foot ending at the tip of the toes can be very beneficial. It is said that every part of the body is represented in the feet. This is what reflexology is based on. Rubbing and massaging the feet can clear the mind and help relieve pressure from the days on your feet.