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Colouring Highlights & Combos

In a Hurry? Hair Colouring over your lunch break? No problem! Colour Forté offers Color Accelerator. This product can be added to all Framesi cream color and processes in 8 to 12 minutes. Is this harsh on the hair? Absolutely not! In fact longer lasting colour and less fading has been experienced by many clients. Grey coverage is very important to many Colour Forté clients. Framesi 2001 cream color gives 100% grey coverage with out leaving the hair dull or flat. Framesi 2001 products produce highly reflective shades that promote maximum shine in the hair. Consultation time is factored into our schedule before all colouring services. Finish styling is always included with all colouring services.


Hair ColouringSeniorMaster
Colour Glossing$50$60
Complete Colour$75$90
Colour Maintenance$50$60
Ultra Blonding Complete (Double Process)$170$200
Ultra Blonding Maintenance (Double process)$95$120
Colour Removing$50$60
Accent Lites$45$60
Designer Lites$80$100
Complete Lites$120$150
Glazing is always included  
Colour Glossing may be needed to achieve desired shades$35 $45 
Additional fee for lengths past shoulder blade or extra thickness $35 $35

ACCENT LITES – are colour lites placed in a small design pattern usually on top and/or around the face.

DESIGNER LITES – are colour lites placed in a medium design pattern around the head.

COMPLETE LITES – are colour lites placed in a large design pattern completing the entire head.

COLOUR CORRECTION SPECIALIST – As colour experts we specialize in helping clients achieve the hair colour they desire. Consultation time is very important to our stylist to understand exactly what the client’s colour goals are and to explain what services are needed to achieve them. We can remove color that is to dark, tone down colour that is to red or brassy, and lighten colour to any shade of blonde. Consultations are free click here to schedule. 

Colour & Lites ComboSeniorMaster
Colour with Accent Lites$75$100
Colour with Designer Lites$125$150
Colour with Complete Lites$175$200

Any colour may be chosen for lites. HiLites are lighter than the natural or base colour. LoLites are darker than the natural or base colour. Some desired shades will require a colour glossing.